Happy Feet Ceilidh Band


Are you looking to arrange some Wedding Music?

Maybe you are looking to Hire A Band for a Barn Dance.

Have you considered contacting a Ceilidh Band?

A Barn Dance or Ceilidh, (pronounced Kaylee), is rapidly becoming one of the most popular methods of wedding celebration. Appealing to all age groups it provides a fun way to entertain guests and encourage families to mix. The toe tapping music will soon have even the most reluctant In-law (or Out-law), up on the dance floor learning how to ‘Doh-si-doh’ and ‘Strip the Willow’.

As well as weddings of course, a ceilidh is the ideal way of celebrating anniversaries, birthdays and family occasions. Many organisations use them as fund raising events.

If you are in North Suffolk or Norfolk, let Happy Feet entertain you? They are a bunch of professional musicians with many years of experience who will play the music whilst you dance the night away under the guidance of the Caller who has vast experience in teaching novice dancers and will have your guests ready to dance in a matter of minutes. If you can walk, you can dance, and mistakes just add to the fun!

Still not sure … let us explain more with our introduction to ceilidhs.

Special requests are considered,

… if made in advance, so that the entertainment goes the way you want it to go making it a true social event with a gaelic theme, whether it is for a wedding anniversary, birthday party or a Burns’ night. We can also work with any other entertainment you have planned.

For that special ceilidh get in touch with Happy Feet now!

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