About Happy Feet


Happy Feet have been providing dance music for ceilidhs for many years. Drawing from a pool of professional and semi-professional musicians they have justly earned their reputation for producing exciting music at the right speed for inexperienced ceilidh dancers.

The band will also draw on a pool of experienced callers, each with their own unique style. The emphasis is on light hearted entertainment though, and nothing is taken too seriously. The Caller will organise the evening according to the wishes of the hirer.

Your principal contact with the band will be Ian Hireson, who is an experienced, accomplished bass player and rhythm guitarist. Ian also plays at the jazz jam in Norwich each week, as well as running Bays River Jazz Duo and Trio. Each year Ian is involved with the Wymondham Music Festival often playing, as well as doing the sound for some events.

Regular fiddle player is Mark Jolley, a very busy professional musician known nationally for his involvement with folk bands including, Tickled Pink,  and has performed at the jazz jam with Ian, and at The Brickmakers in Norwich on Sunday lunchtimes  with Lee Vasey.

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